AXS/SBJ Sports Facilities & Franchises and Ticketing Symposium

  • Park MGM NoMad
  • September 26, 2021
  • 220 in-person and 35 hybrid

We required all attendees to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination upon arrival. (photocopies or picture were accepted). This was communicated to everyone leading up to the event. We partnered with SafeSpace, our safety and healthcare provider. They managed verifying vaccination and had guests sign a waiver we provided. Guests received a colored wristband - green (handshake and hugs), yellow (elbows only); red (social distance). It was very well received. Recommend lanyards as they are easier to spot. Our attendees wrapped them around their lanyard. SafeSpace created a COVID policy that was shared with attendees via our event app. It outlined the state and local mandates along with specific requirements of the hotel and our event protocols. We worked closely with the hotel to enforce the mask mandate and spaced out are room sets to allow for distance between attendees. Our AV company disinfected all the microphones and AV equipment between speakers. The hotel had masks and hand sanitizer throughout the property and we also provided those to guests.